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Science-based solutions for a safer future

by The 100 Companies
ForgeGreen Bio

As COVID-19 cases increased, an urgent need to disinfect spaces emerged. Finding science-driven products that disinfect and are green can prove difficult.

That is why we started ForgeGreen Bio, headquartered in Orlando. Our mission is to find sustainable disinfecting products and connect them with businesses and organizations. Products like Bioesque Solutions – a botanical disinfectant on the EPA’s list to use against COVID-19, Violet Defense – UV disinfection technology used on New York transportation, and Silver Defender – antimicrobial films for highly touched surfaces.

Using green disinfectants can create safe and clean spaces. Our goal? To make sustainable disinfectants the norm, not just a temporary solution.

– Jonathan Kilman & Rob Panepinto, co-founders, ForgeGreen Bio 

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