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The 12 Days of Christmas Networking

by The 100 Companies

What better time of year to hone your affable attributes than the holidays? Much like social media platforms, networking “in the flesh” requires a certain strategy. It’s a deliberate art with a projected outcome. Call it “schmoozing with benefits.”

1. Attend functions aligned with your goals.

2.  Arrive early; stay late.

3.  Banter with topics of interest.

4.  Circulate.

5.  Sit with new people.

6.  Use food lines as conversation starters.

7.  Aim for relationships not just contacts.

8.  Bond through social media.

9.  Have business cards.

10.  Take notes.

11.  Be distinctive and memorable.

12.  Listen and ask questions.

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Betsie Gambel, The New Orleans 100

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